Starting a New blog is good idea now a days?


Mar 17, 2019

I have seen lot of changes recently in search engine and seo competition is also increasing day by day. is it right to start a new blog?
Blogging is always a decent work. But with the change of time it has become very hard to generate huge organic traffics. Writing good contents and using best SEO strategies still works to get enough feedback.
for every new guy that comes to the SEO game another one leaves, so yes, there's still room. Although I'll admit that the competition has become tougher over the years.

But, smart and determined SEOs always find a way to make it work. If you look at the journey section of this forum you'll see lots of folks (including newbies) getting traffic from google with their brand new sites, so it's definitely possible. Now, whether or not you'll make money with that traffic is a different story. It took me several years (since 2008 until 2014) to become confident with selling and convince myself that I'm not doing anything illegal / immoral, so converting and selling is definitely not for everyone... in the beginning :)

Anyway, with enough dedication and a bit of know-how you can make money with blogging, but you have to tick the right checkboxes (niche and keyword research, and onpage SEO mostly)
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