Starting a list of SEO Friendly Free blog hosts

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by schnibitz, Oct 5, 2009.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just wanted to see if we can all help each other out here. I wanted to generate a decent list of free blog hosts (like wordpress) that are more or less SEO friendly (promoting porn, gambling, etc doesn't count, only adsense TOS topics). What I mean by "SEO friendly" is that they won't kick you out for promoting your site on theirs. I'll throw in a few that I know of (I don't know many).

    An example to the contrary would be Tabulas. Talk about zero tolerance, sheesh!

    I don't think we should be afraid to share, and if you benefit, from this list, please thank, so that those that share will be more likely to share. If we put our heads together, we may be able to generate a decent list.

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    Do a search for "Linkwheel". The Lemonarian does a good job of explaining how to use it (Mix it up though!!!! Don't do it in a wheel) But, his free ebook will tell you what Web 2.0 blogs to use and they are SEO friendly (normally.

    Update on Squidoo. There are certain niches that you can no longer promote. Check them out on Squidoo prior to posting a lens.