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Nov 29, 2008
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Good afternoon all,
I have just a few questions.

I have a niche I want to go after, not sure if it will produce as big as I like, so want to start a bit smaller to test.

Do you recommend
1) Using WP with your own domain name? or
2) Using just WP without your own domain-- I.e.

Also, do you recommend staying with .com or will any other address endings work?
If you just want to test it I would use a blogger blog where you can easily ad adsense to it if you want. I think blogger blogs are a good place to market test. If this is something you are wanting to build a big project of, I would use your own domain so you have the control. As far as domains. If you are going to be making a flagship blog, I would use a .com if it is just going to be a small niche site I would use a .info
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