Starting a 501(c)3 Movement -- Huge Potential, we have investors.


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Oct 1, 2013
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Where I have learned... EVERYTHING...

It's time for an all-star team to make a killing.

We have a BEAUTIFUL concept involving the American Citizens.

Our extremely user-friendly, interactive site is being developed, and we have a great team of front-end, back-end and graphic designers working around the clock to launch in approx. 3 weeks. We are currently branding, and growing awareness on our social network and have began syndicated content around the web, on major authority players (NYT, HuffPost, LATimes, Wired, TechCrunch).

What we need is some AMERICAN'S who want to PUSH THIS MOVEMENT.

We have reached our first goal of obtaining $25k - CASH, and a $120k/year Google AdWords grant, for starters. We also have a top-notch video production facility with screens, cars, homes, etc. etc. etc.. You get the point... YouTube and Social Media is going to account for 75%+ of our traffic.

Our next goal is once we finish our web presence and interactive, feature-rich site -- we are going to push this Web presence, e-mail lists we have built over the years, heavy Social advertising to CrowdSource or FundMe, etc. $150k for an Advertisement in the NYT -- which will spread our message and drive some killer traffic. We plan to place billboards and have college fraternities & sororities to start their own "Branch" at each college.. We will also have a store with products that are all tax deductible contributions.

If this is something you think you could be a good fit for you, with huge upside potential -- this may be the Joint Venture you have been searching for.

Our team is looking to add:
- Professional e-mail & internet marketers.
- Content Copyrighters
- English proficient, ideally American Citizens.
- Graphic Designers
- Sales/Landing Page Designers
- Local Community Outreach (offline)
- Various Web skills and expertise will be considered.

If this is something that our core leaderships believes is going to have a huge 3 month turn-around, there will be salaries involved for those who help make it happen, with options to relocate and start a new career.

Please message me on BHW for my skype information. Please include a little background about yourself.

To the future, growth and opportunity.


- EMP1R3
Seems you have something big between hands. Good luck for everyone and hope this is a true opportunity and not fake promises.
Looks interesting. However, what is the product/service about? What industry is it in?
Let me know details, I can sign an NDA if you want.
Thanks for the responses and messages I have received, I will get to them soon.

We have added a professional videographer and graphic designer to the team.

You can say this is a cause for Americans, a grassroots type 501c3 with an emphasis on Lobbying.
Hey EMP1R3,

Added you on skype.

Talk to you soon.

I have both directly PMed you both.


- EMP1R3
Greetings !

Are you looking for designers from USA only or remote location like India if we can provide quality and professional work on time ..will that be considerable for the position ?

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