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[Started Project] So, Could this go somewhere? Honest opinions please?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by TheLoneSynchro, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. TheLoneSynchro

    TheLoneSynchro Regular Member

    Sep 13, 2013
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    Hey guys, I've been lingering around here and if you check my post history you'll see more "reading/asking" then "trying/failing".. so that's why i started out on the journey type thing. Originally, the idea wasn't to make money doing it. It was just to help other people out. Anyway, the videos I uploaded I guess follow under the "Education" niche. Perhaps even "Computer Programming". Either way, it's videos explaining how to create games in various programming language, multiple-user functionality, and things like that, I started the same series over, three times (Thus leading to having 13 videos, without any of the series going anywhere). The reason for this was because I wasn't aware of which way I wanted to teach people to do things, however I'm pretty sure I have it figured out now. As I had stated, I have 13 videos. 12 of them are about 2-3 months old, and one of them was uploaded almost 6 months ago. I have not done any promoting what-so-ever, besides for a single post on a game-development site and I'm sitting at almost 20,000 views in total.

    One of the videos (The one with the most views: 5,100 requires the use of some scripts that I had wrote, which I had recently uploaded to CleanFiles PPD has earned me around $11.87 in the last 3 months.. which isn't horrible for not doing anything, but it's not "good" by any means. This has also started adding the "Dislikes" onto the video and a few really upset comments about not being able to download the files, however I have them uploaded to my web-host, so the people that have trouble with it and aren't swearing like sailors, I send them the files.

    Ad-sense information:
    Total Earnings Since Sep 18, 2013: $45.22
    Average Monthly Income: $9
    Total Videos Monitized: 13
    UnMonitized Videos: 2 (Google wont accept them for some reason, I submitted usage rights, sits there with a "?" - Total Views: 2,700)
    CTR: 5.85%
    CPC: $0.06

    I'm curious as to what you guys think about uploading more videos, I'll probably end up having around 100 videos up and running within the next two months if I really get into it which mathematically should bring me up to almost $70 income a month. That's not much, but it's still something. There's probably a maximum of 300 videos that I will be able to get on this channel before I start to run out of material, however with that many videos it could theoretically increase the income based on sheer popularity of the channel as-well.