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Started online sex show business, need help on exapnding. scaling issues

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by apexbeat, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. apexbeat

    apexbeat Junior Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    I have one girl who I work with. I handle all the business aspects and she does the shows. Generally, I'm never on cam. On average working 5 days a week 5 hours a day we are on track to make 70k a year between us. Just started doing this 3 months ago.
    Pretty much what we do is broadcast on a few cams sites at the same, i work the chats and convince the customers to do a private show on the camsite or siphon customers to our Skype and offer then a discounted rate if they pay outside of the cam site.

    This is working pretty well. Ive learned a lot along the way, made a few mistakes. But all in all pretty good.

    I'm looking to expand this and pimp out my house to a few good girls and take a cut. If a customer pays $100, $50 goes to the camsite, another $25 to me and the girl is left with $25. This is the deal ive worked out with my girl, i also pay for all of her bills including rent. Obviously, other deals couldn't be exactly like this one, but u get the idea.

    My plan is to find a decent looking girl. i cant take just anyone, idk about strippers or hookers, i think i want REAL girls. that is the attraction I believe in these cams site. girls who have a serious naughty side but wouldnt work at a strip club?

    I'll have her sign an exclusivity contract for 1 year with our studio.

    I'm taking the route of branding them because it make sense that the girls will outgrow the studio sooner or later. We would own all the content of the models brand, and they can buy it back from us after their year is over or just sign a new contract.

    areas of profit

    • Being a studio I get a small commission for each girl that i sign up to the cam sites, like $50-$100 per girl or something
    • Obviously, the money made in private shows, group shows, and tip.
    • The money taken directly via payment processing and skype shows. Bitcoin, PayPal, ECT.
    • Previously recorded privates shows resold for a discount on the profiles.
    • Articles of clothing/signed pictures/ misc merchandise (sold a pair of used panties for $75 a few days ago)
    • customers buy gifts via amazon all the time for girls. I'll become an affiliate of amazon and take my commission from that as well.
    • Maybe buying traffic from traffic junky and funneling it to the live feed. I have experience with buying traffic to CPA offer.

    What we offer to the model.

    we will provide differently themed rooms for the girl to work in, a computer, an HD cam, cam software to funnel the cam feeds from different sites, professional pictures for profiles, very high quality profile creation and maintenance (uploading videos, ect), different options of clothing, professional studio lighting, make up, and of course toys of all sorts, anything they would need to be the best model they can be, Technical support and billing support.
    all suggestions are welcome.

    *ANYONE who has EVER created a profile on MFC as a model knows its takes a lot of HTML and CSS as well as breaking out of the normal HTML user input fields to fully redesign the profile. and its a pain in the fucking ass for me*

    MFC works on a cam score that decides placement, higher placement = more money. its pretty much "amount of tokens earned/ total broadcasting time". If we have a really high quality profile and the model has never broadcasted on the account before, and she is tipped $100 offline her cam scores goes through the fucking roof for a month or so., also the new model tag which last 30 days drives a shit ton of traffic.

    Also I want to provide as many fake viewers as they need to boost up their placement and get more traffic *HELP HERE* I figure i'll need a bunch of proxies and direct them to the cam sites, but i really dont have have the logistic/tech worked out on that one. they need to be live viewers that are currently watching her feed as "guests" accounts.

    we also provide for the models: Twitter accounts with fake followers at first, Amazon Wish List Creation, Private address for the delivery of those items, Marketing efforts, a website to take payments on, and fully optimized marketing efforts, profiles, and workspace.

    I know a lot of our success is based on me typing to the customers via chat, they think they are talking to her, its a lot of work when youre trying to keep 30 conversations as once going. I cant scale this very well w/o adding another person for each model. Maybe 1 person for 2 models. Not sure how this would work. i might just get rid of this all together and have the girls ignore PM/Message while caming, or just read the PM and respond to them vocally.

    Also I want to provide as many fake viewers as they need to boost up their placement and get more traffic. I figure i'll need a bunch of proxies and direct them to the cam sites, but i really dont have have the logistic or tech worked out on that one. they need to be live viewers that are currently watching her feed as "guests" accounts. any ideas?

    WoW, sorry about the long post. turned out to be a lot more then i thought. If anyone has done anything like this before please PM me your skypes! I'd really like to pick ur brain. I'll pay for the advice if you can prove youre legit.

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  2. kharm

    kharm Power Member

    Feb 9, 2009
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    Ok you 'manufacture' the product aka. the girl's services

    Make a brand out of her because it's her services

    It might be better to just do something that she enjoys instead of making here a sex robot
  3. Pornguy

    Pornguy Regular Member

    Nov 29, 2012
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    Just wanted to give you a little advice, most cam sites have keyword bans. So if you use the word skype you can get suspended or terminated. Also lots of the sites are also figuring out ways to prevent simulcasting (streaming on multiple sites at the same time) If this is your main income please be careful as I have seem name of our top models get suspended because of these reasons.
  4. apexbeat

    apexbeat Junior Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Heyy slow down there buddy. 1) She does enjoy it. 2) I'm not forcing anyone to do anything.

    she loves not having to work and makes more then enough money to live well. she loves being financially free and able to work from her own home and its a huge confidence booster she says. IDK why she would need a confidence boost because she is beautiful as hell. However i digress.

    i CONSTANTLY make sure she is okay with what she is doing and she always is. Shes not a drug addict that needs the money to fund her habit, she doesnt even do drugs, shes not some sex slave that i keep caming 24/7. Shes my lover and my best friend. And we have a lot of fun together.

    she decides when she wants to do it, not me.

    And i LOVE watching her, we both get turned on by doing it. and i spoil the hell out of her while she pays for her college. something she would never be able to do with a normal job.

    I however have a good job outside of this and only started this to help her and in the process made good money for myself.

    I'm looking at this from a methodical and technical stand point to streamline sales and optimize processes.

    so fuck off with your self righteous, prudish nonsense, and keep your judgmental uninformed opinions to yourself.
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  5. apexbeat

    apexbeat Junior Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    Thanks for the warning. ive read the TOS and all the rules on every site im apart of.

    1) the ones im apart of allow you to exchange contact info like skype as long as the payment is in tokens for a show. Obv, we dont always use tokens, but most models do the same thing.
    2) the ones im apart of dont mind that you stream from different sites at the same time, some do, but its highly discouraged due to customer feeling unimportant.

    thanks for the input tho :). id like to know more, i PMed u my skype.
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  6. netmoney1

    netmoney1 Executive VIP Jr. VIP

    Feb 21, 2012
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    I don't get it. This girl could do it on her own and keep 50%.....half to her and half to the cam site. What "benefit" are you providing besides "typing"....

    When she smartens up she will bounce and do it on her own. And pay her own rent. And not feel like she "owes" you

    But hey, 25% typing gig....good job
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  7. Slashdot

    Slashdot Regular Member

    Dec 3, 2013
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    Oh my, horing your woman on cam for the hopes of making 70k a year. Why? Besides, you could make a lot more doing proper online business.
  8. apexbeat

    apexbeat Junior Member

    Sep 24, 2012
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    i understand where you are coming from. However, I do a lot more then just typing. 90% of cam girls dont make $2000 plus a week, despite what the affiliate/cam sites promise.
    The vast majority of cam girls dont make enough for a full time income.

    The turn over rate is high and the girls get discouraged very quickly and quit. I'm apart of 2 private forums specifically dedicated to cam girls. I take everything that i consider important and implement it. The vast majority of the cam girls are happy to make $500 a week!

    What i provide?

    A private room to cam in

    Professional studio lighting (more important then you might think)
    a well throughout profile that generates a lot of money in various different ways, to list a few;

    profile creation and optimization
    organization of private shows to be resold.
    professional pictures and galleries. The profile avatar is always being spit tested. You might be surprised how important this is. its the ground level of traffic. When the customer first enters the site, its the first thing they see. The avatar plays a huge role in traffic.
    Full HD cam and audio.
    All the toys they need to have fun
    Different outfits and themed rooms.
    Tech support (shit goes wrong all the time with these sites)
    Much better placement via pre broadcasting tips and botted traffic (still need help on this)
    Watertagging, live editing and multicast software to stream on a few different sites at once.

    I would list more, but this is already a long post

    And yes youre 100% right, when she notices she can make the money without us she leaves! Thats the best part! I would encourage them to leave and try it for themselves.

    I never want anyone to feel like i "own" them. Yes i would own their brand (still a working idea), but i have no intention to control these girls...

    BOTTOM fucking line is: most girls on these sites NEED the help. They dont make the money that they have been promised by every fucking cam site.

    They all say some bullshit like "On average our girls make $500 - $2000 a week working part time" THEY DONT!

    I know this because they say so on the private forums!

    We dont even bring in $2k a week on average (yet) and we always place in the top 10% of the broadcasting girls on extremely profitable sites!

    Any girl who is caming on ANY other site besides MFC, Live Jasmin, or Steamate isnt doing it right. There are NO other cam sites that come CLOSE to the profits for models the way these do.

    some girls make a TONS of money, but u know why? Because they have proper set ups. which is so darn important and always overlooked. They have the proper lighting, cams, toys, profiles and lead generation in place to maximize profiles.

    This is what I will start providing.

    I NEVER want the girl to feel like i own them, ever. I'm not like that. fact of the matter is most of the cams girls are doing it SOO wrong.

    Honestly, i was looking for advice from people who do what i plan to do. I didnt want to start a thread just to defend my decisions or motives. I know my motives arent malicious and i know im adding a lot of value.

    OK big shoot. Btw we will easily make 70k this year from doing this, at least. And you know what, i believe i have the most kindhearted, down to earth girl i could ever ask for and would never want to hurt her or take advantage of her. It was even her fucking idea to expand and get more girls.

    btw, check out this thread. Its about caming. It made me so fucking disappointed in this site. I've never seen BHW degrade to such useless noise more then in this thread listed below, and i fucking love BHW.

    If this thread starts being anything close to it, im going to delete it.


    TL;DR we always place in the top 10% of cam girls. I'm not here to discuss my morals or intentions. I'm here to pick the brains of successful adult entrepreneurs.
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  9. eckobx

    eckobx Newbie

    Aug 12, 2012
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    This sounds legit, alot of money to be made