started for the bottom now we here ?

started for the bottom now we here ?

  • Still at the bottom

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  • I made it

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May 27, 2017
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how many of you started and made it within a year
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3 months ago I started and earning around 20+ bucks a month with a steady increase.
Started in december, i earned about 1300 € most of them in the lastest months. Now i earn 300/400 € per month passively

Its nothing but i want to grow
But with the paypal generator I got moar monies then eva

how much time or effort did you put in to make 20$ a month , because that 66cents a day. no offence.

like too many hours of setting up 1 website. Other than that it goes all auto. So I would say alot of effort. Sinds its in the adult industry. Its a tough business.
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