Start Your Own Apps Empire! App Builder $9/year, Build Apps for Yourself or Clients (NO CODING)!

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Mar 1, 2009
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Build Phone Apps for Yourself or Clients (NO CODING)!


Build Apps For Android, iPhone,iPod, iPad, - All Phones, Tablets and Kindle Fire!
>Newbie Friendly<


DON'T MISS A unique business opportunity!


List of Features:


Build Phone Apps with very little time & effort.

You don't need to learn how to code! Just drag and drop with our App Builder
In other words: NO CODING! None!

Less complicated than building a Wordpress site. PERFECT for Newbies looking to build apps for themselves or start a new business and build apps for clients.

Everyone has a cell phone! Your potential clients are EVERYWHERE! Build iPhone & Android apps with very little effort.

No need to learn to ANY code-literally drag-n-drop!

Easy-to-follow instructions and video tutorials included-plus our outstanding support!




So what does it cost?

For a business in a box and a whole new career?
How about $9.00 to get started now?

NO monthly fee
NO pay per App

For $9 - you get FULL one year App Builder
Build up to 100 apps

So here are the particulars to get your Phone App Building Career & Business started

(1) First Year: $9.00 (and no tricks or upsells!) Guaranteed!
(2) Your Second Year: $27.00 (You Can Cancel Subscription Any Time!!!)

So, I will say this again. Build Your Own App Now and Start Earning!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I don’t know how long this offer is gonna lasts. So, you better take action NOW before it’s too late.

No Coding - Drag n' Drop AppBuilder

Our App Builder doesn't require you to write a single line of coding. All you have to do is drag n' drop.

App Previewer Softwares

We have app previewer for Android

See What You Get in This Deal:
Full activated account App in minutes App Builder.
Good list of videos guide explaining from how to build, what you can do everything with full screenshots - All video guides are free of charge

Full license that you can use to build up Apps for yourself and for your clients!!!
List of templates that are customizable they are based on your needs, including offline businesses.
You can send Unlimited Push Notifications!
Your account is NO ADS from me , NO promotional pages from me, NO mention of App in Minutes ANYWHERE.

You get account app building NO download limits! NO install limits! YOU own your apps.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!!!
For any questions you have, feel free to:
1 - Ask in this thread
2 - PM me
3 - Send support ticket here Shimon Team Support
4 - Mail me at:shimonchohen at


Summary of Questions and answers:

Q: Is it possible to turn a website into an offline and online app through this app builder?
A: You can copy all content you need and put in the app, then all content in app will be ready offline also (if you install the app)
Also all your customers/app downloaders can have the app and see the contents offline.
I use it for EBooks apps I build, so all my EBooks apps - users can read all content offline

Q: How long have you had your site up and running?
A: I am in app marketing more than 4 years, I build more than 1000 apps, I also create udemy courses about how to success in app marketing, I have there more than 6700 students. I am not going to leave this HOT niche...

Q: Are you resseller or owner of the app builder?
A: I am owner of the App builder code, the app builder is on my own VPS server.

Q: What are the prices to publish apps in the playstore and appstore?
A: For me you only pay 9$ for first year (and $27 for any next year) , then you can create up to 100 apps, without pay me anything! Earn as much you can, and take 100% of revenue to your pocket

Q: Do I have to pay to apps store for each app or is a one time payment (developer account) to publish apps?
A: For publish in Google play you need to pay to Google 25$ and get Google play account for lifetime, then you can publish unlimited android apps. And for apple you have to pay 99$ per year - then you can publish unlimited apps.

Q: Once I design the Droid version for phone and tablets, how time consuming is it to the same for iOS?
A: About tablets - its build responsive screens, but you have to check it on tablet, In android they have 1000s of device so its 1000s of screens, so you have to check what you target for and see and also in app preview to see how it look.
For convert from Android to IOS It's very simple you duplicate the droid version and call it another name and choose to build as IOS

Q: I can do the push notification for my customers. Can I do it ONCE for all of them or do I have to ONE by ONE? If I had 10 customers, do set up their push message once for all of them or do I need to do individually for each customer?
A: For every push sending you have to post one by one, but if you mean for send to downloaders so you send to all in 1 click. Like if you have app A and app B, so you can send 1 time 1 notification to all users that have app A and you can send 1 time 1 push to all users that have app B, so all users that have in their device app B will get the push. But every time is new sending.

Q: Does anyone put their email on all apps/push notifications to get referral business? Those pushes are going to hundreds of my customer's customer. Does anyone put on the bottom of the APP and pushes with their mail "Designed by the Winkler Group'?
A: It's what you send, thats what the users will see, its not more words added by me or by anyone.

Q: Do I have to take hosting account. Where will the application that I will make stored?
A: When you build the app you can choose where to store the files, or in our cloud hosting, or inside the app, so the user can use the app even offline (even he don't have internet connection)

Q: When I am designing, is it done online or do I have to D/L software to design?
A: Its online app builder, but for publish to Google play or/and iOS you have to get the app file to your computer and publish it to the apps stores.

Q: Can you create apps that require login?
A: Yes you can create login module, and also Facebook login module (about Facebook you need to know to create Facebook login app connected to your app, it's simple process that have a lot of video that explain to do that)

Q: Can I place my ads? And what network you support?
A: Sure, you can put ads from Admob or link to pages that collect mails or affiliate links

Q: Can you please share the website where we will be creating the apps?
You can see full videos guides I did here

Q: Is that Apps support in Arabic Language ? I meant to make all texts from right to left?
A: Sure! With this great app builder you can build apps in every language you want.

Q: Can you please tell me ways to earn from this application builder.
A: For make money from apps you build - sure you can earn by
1- Do apps and upload and earn from ads like admob etc...
2- Do apps and earn from in app purchase
3- Do apps for other and earn money for build for them, like local business, site owners etc...

Q: Does it output the app in the proper format for immediate upload to the app stores or do we have to output the app, then compile it properly etc first?
A: For Android the app builder output app that ready to publish no need to compile.
But for iOS you need to get download the source code and compile it with Mac computer (it’s Apple requirement, they don’t allow to compile apps with app builders)

Q: Is this web based or software?
A: The app builder is web based app builder - that you can build apps with that app builder and publish to Google play or apps store of Apple.

Q: Are there any other charges besides your WSO
A: For me you have to only pay the 1 time of 9$ first year and for every next year - $27 (NO monthly fee, NO pay per app)

For apps store you have to pay Google play - 25$ lifetime fee - to have Google play account
For Apple apps store you have to pay 99$/year

Q: Is there any way around not being able to make Apple apps?
A: About Apple - That is their rules, they want only mac users to have way to create Apple apps, but in these days you can buy used mac with low price, a lot of mac users upgraded their mac and sell their old mac.

Q:Tell me after a year if I dont renew subscription will my apps stay alive?
A: Sure - ALL your apps that will submitted to Google Play will be stay there forever! the only difference is that after if you don’t have account after 1 year you can't edit them and republish them and also can't build more new apps.

Q: How can I make money by building apps for clients?
A: You have some ways to earn money from customers
1- One time payment for builder for them apps
2- Recurring payment for maintenance their app
3- Both
4 - Ask them 9$+X$ for open for them app builder account
5- All above together..




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This look so cool :) what kind of apps can be made?


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okay may I please have a review copy.
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hi - requested a review copy using your instructions, looks interesting


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Awesome! Sounds brutal. Would love to try it for a review if you want. Anyways, when I have a spot I will pay to check it.

Thanks and watching


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I know I don't have the requisite number posts but if you have any spare copies then I would like to request one please.


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I´m in for a review . Looking for a long time for such a service


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I think this thing gets big potential, good luck sales!


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