Starcraft 2 thinking of buying it ....?


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Jun 3, 2009
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Yea thinking of buying....... ?

I used to play warcraft and some other random war strategy game....

What do u guys think is it good ?
yep! the story is long and good! each unit in teran has a story in the campaign mode :D
and they added new units.. lots of units..
It's fun online, I got bored of it... well not bored but I just haven't had time to play. If I'm in the mood I'd definitely have fun playing. Currently in Gold League :D
i used to play all the time years ago, might consider it!
I played the beta, got bored of it quick. Think I played SC way too much back in the day, or maybe I'm just finally growing up?
I used to play sc a lot.. and now, even more. Except I am competitive so I play ladder a lot. The story mode is good too, but the custom games people make are also fun. I think its worth it even if you don't play a lot.
i have it for a quite some time already and it is PERFECT! if you liked the first one, and if you like strategy games generally, it rocks! The custom maps part is totally great, any different types of games like "arena" "tower defense" etc.. a lot of fun to play and thousands of people online every-time!
SC2 is great but if you serious about IM dont get it lol, ive wasted the last two days playing it
Don't buy it unless you never want to get any work done again.
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I sort of liked the fact that I wasted some time playing the game. It showed me that I needed to refocus my efforts in my business and also have time to play.
Lol, it's true that SC2 will waste your time when you can be working on IM.

However, it's only $40 at Kmart this week so go for it!
Maybe try and get a real living breathing woman. (Or man, whatever way you swing)

Dude, this game is dangerous man. I'm deadly serious. I've played it for two weeks now and I actually regret it. I could have been working that time instead of gaming. Shame on me!

However, it's a really funny game. Totally worth buying.

I agree, I just uninstalled SC2. It makes world of crack seem like tea! Its highly addictive, it never ends (multiplayer), and it caused major marital problems for me! lol

I heard Civ5 is the same, but at least if you beat that you "win". The online component of SC2 is insane, its the best game i've ever played. If you want a solid game that provides top value for your money then get it, but beware, you will be glued to your seat as you learn tips n tricks on your favorite race and move up the rankings as you get better n better.
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