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Start a Staff Appreciation Day?

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    Nov 6, 2012
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    Well personally I would like to start off by thanking all of the staff at BHW for their hard work and dedication
    that most of the time in my opinion is over looked. I have seen several threads lately fussing about this community and even a few members not being tasteful towards the staff. They are always thrown high demands and yet many fail to realize they have their own personal lives to attend to and do this work on a charity/volunteer basis.

    Furthermore I would like to suggest a "Staff Appreciation Day" in commemoration of all the hard work devoted to keeping our community running smooth. You will not find a better community of intelligent people with a common goal and pursuit of success and social aptitude found in this community. Lest we forget the regular members who contribute by investigating problems and reporting it in a mature manner. Of course their work and commitment must not be overlooked. However the work involved in keeping a forum with over 400,000 Threads, 3,500,000 Post and over 300,000 Members has to be a headache for a handful of devoted staff.

    So for all the behind the scenes work you all do. Here is a toast to you! :drinking2

    (If your avatar is not shown it is because I could not find one available...But of course your included!)

    Really what do you all think about a "Staff Appreciation Day" ?