squidoo.com, a good option?

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    i been doing keyword research like crazy for the past week and i've came across kws that are really really good, but its something that i can not use. But i have notice squidoo allot in the top results so i would think that the keywords that does not fit my niche, would rank using squidoo. i could write up an article with the kw and place it in squidoo, but is that the best option?

    I Don't think that squidoo will let me use adsense and only allow amazon. But these keywords are like from $2-$10cpc so anywhere that will allow me use adsense?
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    I don't know a lot about Squidoo, but I think you're right about them only allowing you to use Amazon. You could use Blogger; you can use Adsense their free blogs.
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    Squidoo can and will delete your lenses at their own discretion. Squidoo is good for building backlinks to your site, but I wouldn't invest a lot of time and effort into them.

    I would suggest buying a domain and getting some cheap hosting if you are tight for money, but if you insist on doing it for free, Blogger would be a better option. Since it's owned by Google, you can use Adsense as well as Amazon. It still might get deleted someday, but they aren't as picky as Squidoo.