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Squidoo and Hubpages Help Needed

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by hcoleman, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. hcoleman

    hcoleman Newbie

    Aug 18, 2007
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    How can I rank high using squidoo and hubpages for bum marketing and make a nice income. Please Help

    thanks in advance
  2. scb335

    scb335 BANNED BANNED

    Mar 5, 2008
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    Step by step of how I've done this for ya:

    STEP #1: Pick a good keyword term to target with decent daily search traffic and low to moderate competition online. Just search the term in G00gle with quotation marks (like this: "your term") and try for something with under 200,000 results.

    To get the search volume use G00gle's keyword tool and see what the average monthly search is. Anything over 6,000 is decent, anything over 12,000 will likely have too much competition.

    Also, try to aim for a "buying" keyword term. Someone searching for "laptop specs" isn't in buying mode, they're seeking information and basically useless to you. Someone searching for "laptop sale" or "laptop free shipping" is in buying mode and who you should target.

    STEP #2: Build your Squid00 lens with good content and include your sales link. Try to make your copy slippery so it guides visitors to your call to action link. Just write a story, build momentum and desire by showing how your product comes with unbelievable benefits.

    STEP #3: Use G00gle's keyword tool again to find an additional 10 related terms. Just search the tool using your keyword term from above and then sort the results by related. This tells you what terms G00gle thinks are the most closely related to yours.

    STEP #4: Using those new terms, create a Hubpage that links to your Squid00 lens. Create a site on Weebly that links to your Squid00 lens. Build some free blogs wherever you want and link them to your Squid00 lens. Write articles and submit them everywhere you can with a link to your Squid00 lens in the resource box. (make sure to use your primary keyword in the anchor text of all these links)

    The point with this is to use Squid00 for your money page and leverage the authority of sites like HubPages, Weebly, eZine and etc. to boost the SERPs for your lens quickly.

    STEP #5: Social bookmark the hell out of your Squid00 lens.

    The social bookmarking isn't really for traffic, you won't get a lot from that and it won't convert well anyway, but use it because the search engines crawl those sites constantly and it can have your lens indexed very fast. Delicious, Faves and JumpTags are my favorite 3, but I'll usually hit a couple dozen others just for good measure too.

    STEP #6: Rinse and repeat.

    Once you get this down and start making a little coin, you can expand it further by using the rss feeds you're creating for a wider reach online. Your Squid00 lens, HubPage, blogs, author's accounts at article sites, user accounts at social bookmarking sites... these all come with rss feeds of your pages/links. You can add hundreds or thousands of links (most low quality but some are high) that all ultimately lead back to your money page to dozens of rss directories and aggregation services, which then get picked up by small niche search engines, directories and sites giving you a giant funnel that takes very little effort to build.

    Good luck
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  3. code

    code Newbie

    Oct 27, 2008
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    so the way to make money from squid00 is just ad clicks not traffic, right?

    edit: also, is it bad to just use the built in ads that squid00 has? or do i need to make an additional adsense acct?
  4. small_town_boy

    small_town_boy Power Member

    Aug 14, 2008
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    No, from squidoo ads you will get very ltitle money, you must have a product to sell. I recommend Clickbank products for a beginner.

    scb335, your tutorial is very good, but have you done this exact step for yourself and how has it turned out? About how many hits a day you are getting?
    I have one squidoo that I get at least 100 hits a day and still I don't have daily sales, altough this squidoo is very good rating.
    What I am saying is - will this create automated traffic so you can start a campaign, release it and maybe then add/change something once a week and let it go again and start another campaign. Because for this to be profitable you will need LOTS of sites and campaigns, and giving full attention to them would either be very enduring or even near impossible.

    What are your thoughts?