Squeeze more juice out of the lemons!

Discussion in 'Misc' started by sageman, Dec 26, 2007.

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    you've taken the time to research a great product and found the perfect target to market it to. you've put in days to write a killer copy or hired a pro to write a damn good one for you. you've purchased all your tools to drive traffic to your site and you're all ready to sit back and rake in the profits...or so you think.

    you've implemented all your traffic driving tactics and your traffic is souring through the roof, only to find out that your squeeze page is not converting as well as it should or want it to. you sit back and wonder why. the reason is very simple: your squeeze page looks like something a 3rd graded in a bad mood annoyingly whipped up in art class just to escape detention, and can barely squeeze out a drop of juice from a dried up lemon.

    it's all about image. professionalism goes a long way in marketing and must be taken very seriously in your effort to maximize your returns. what you need is an exceptionally custom designed page which screams 'buy or die'. let me use my magic touch to boost your profits to souring heights. for under one benjamin, i will build you the ultimate page to complement your product that will repeatedly ensure much higher conversion rates.

    send me a pm and i will show you samples.
    easy, sageman
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