spy the competition method. Know what other sites the guy has.

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    You encounter a good website. Chances are that there are more websites hosted on the same IP or the same IP range x.x.x.1-255

    go to http://www.robtex.com

    in the upper bar type in blackhatworld.com ;)

    click on

    you can see a site 0rchidg33k5. Harro likes 0rchids :) Or may be not. We can never know whose is this site, especially on shared hostings(this is not, obviously). It can be a clients website or just someone else. So never do any harm to other sites based just on this result.

    2. Second, good example:

    robtex, zenhabits.net

    It reveals, the guy has thepowerofless.com and writetodone.com. It is true.

    The method is best to revealing websites on regular hosting. You can know the niche of your competition if you know 1 site of his IP address.
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