Spotify album takedown - how to reupload?


Feb 21, 2021
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Hi there, my album got taken down from Spotify after using a panel from this forum. It was just a small order (test balance, hence just a few k plays) and the only panel I used in that year.

I know that's the game with panels, but since it is a real artist in this case and not just a money making method I need to get the album back up on Spotify. I use routenote as a distributor and they obviously blame me for it and don't give any kind of support. The panel guy has unfortunately also not responded on that topic yet.

Do you have any advice how I can get that album back online?
Just change the music distributor and put same UPC and ISRC, it will back online with all streams
what panel was it?
I want to give the panel operator time to reply in private before making a public shitpost.

Just change the music distributor and put same UPC and ISRC, it will back online with all streams
Do you have own experience with this approach? I thought it is Spotify where the problem lies and not the distributor.
Hello! Users cannot control downloaded songs due to DRM. That is, Spotify Premium "rents" music for offline streaming, but as soon as it is expired, Spotify songs will disappear. To solve the problem, we will need a different download method. What if we can download Spotify music and convert it to MP3?
If you are using a distribution service, such as DistroKid or TuneCore, you can simply login to your account and re-submit your album for distribution. If you are not using a distribution service, you will need to create a new release on Spotify by going to the Spotify for Artists website and following the instructions to upload your album.
so it works by reuploading the song to distrokid with same metadata and ISCR code? 1 track got removed by Spotify (had 13k streams)....want to get it back with the play count
You can reupload with different Distro and use same Metadata.

If you want a good free service checkout =>
I feel your pain! Getting your album taken down can be stressful. Here are your options for reuploading:

  • Use your distributor: If you used a service like DistroKid or TuneCore, simply log in and resubmit your album. They'll handle the process of getting it back on Spotify.
  • Go it alone: Head to Spotify for Artists and upload your album directly. Just make sure you have all the correct metadata (track titles, artist names, etc.) and audio files.
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