Sports/IT/Entertainment/News based site failing o monetize Please HELP

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by gorrilaman, Jul 23, 2011.

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    Hello Black hatters I am new in this site. I have been running a site which has enterainment, sports and global news for last 8 months. I have content writers who actually take contents from the web and update the site with rewriting them. The site is updated everyday. But the main thing is I am failing to monetize it. As I am from a specific country first I targeted the local market by updating the site with local news. My initial plan was to go to local companies and get ads. But my local companies are very news paper oriented (yes this country lives in prehistoric times). So I failed to monetize it. Now I have planned to update the site with entertainment, sports, IT and global news. I need to create a site follower base. Basically a specific amount of traffic everyday. I am willing to invest for SEO and marketing but I dont really know anything about that. I can assure that I will update the site with as much content as needed. I will hire more people to cover all the news in a specific segment. For the new plan I have created a new layout for the site and planning a new beginning. I need some advice or want to work with some one to make my site profitable. The site is two years old but the active updating started 7 months back. I also want to post something on the joint venture forum similar to this thread if someone will be willing to work with me for a longer term. This is actually a white hat project. thanks in advance
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    Hit me up via pm. I'll take a look and give you some ways to monetize it.