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    I'm helping out my friends, who own website with premium betting picks. I'm a gold member there (of course I got membership for free) and their betting system is reasonable and great for beginners and pros. Why? Because you don't need big bankroll because of small stakes used for betting and because tips come with analysis and great Yield at the end of the month (17% last month).

    Offer is: They are offering 30% of commission on a lifetime. Most of betting players stay with their service on a long run, so it means commission every month. Packages cost: 30€ (40$) and up to 150€ (200$) and for serious affiliate promoter, commission would rise higher without a doubt.

    Affiliate system is a well known script from well known company, it was installed by me, team is honest and payouts can be made any time within a day. Free betting tips section has just been launched on the same website, affiliates can also promote that free section and after member joins, marketing of premium section is taken care of through email marketing. Cookies last for 90 days and once a client is in database, they know which affiliate brought which client.

    If anyone is interested, send me a PM through private message and I will send you their email or website or any other data seen by me, because I'm a gold member. Of course I can manage a temporary gold username and password to see for yourself. Marketing can be done through email lists, Facebook fanpages, websites... No big limitations since Google is a joke.

    Btw, they are not promoting bookmakers as affiliate, so competition in affiliate market of gambling is none.


    P.S.: Ideal for people who want to start with IM business in gambling niche. Owners of alternatives of Twittattack could do miracles here. There are unlimited possibilities to monetize few thousand of targeted gambling followers.
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