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Spoonfed guide to rank ez kws with zero investment

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by roki4ka, May 11, 2017.

  1. roki4ka

    roki4ka Senior Member

    Jun 20, 2016
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    Probably most of you know this but I believe there are newbies out there that will find this guide super useful. I am using most of the things in this guide every time I try to rank a keyword. I have ranked hundreds of easy keywords only by following these steps.

    Keep calm and grab a beer


    I. Linking here and there

    Link Building is one of the most critical parts of SEO. Backlinks are very necessary to rank and bank. Many SEO Experts spend their valuable time on backlinks. If you become the master in this field, you will be ahead from other SEO Guru for sure. I am scraping this list from a lot of sources and I am trying to update it for freshness and optimisation regularly. I made a fresh list of high authority site list. We can get free ******** backlinks from these websites within 10 minutes.

    1. Microsoft

    Domain authority of Microsoft is 100. It’s a big authority site. What will happen if you create a free ******** backlink from Microsoft? Your ranking will increase positively. You have to follow these step to get a do follow link from Microsoft.

    • Follow this link https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us and create a new account. It will take only 30 seconds.
    • Now login and go to profile section.
    • In links section, Add you link with targeted anchor text.
    • Save.

    2. Google+

    Google Plus is a social site and owned by Google. We can get a backlink from Google plus by following these steps.

    • Login to Google Plus by using your Gmail Id.
    • Now create a new page for your blog.
    • You have to verify your page.
    • Add your link in URL section and save.
    You have created another ******** backlink from google plus.

    3. Storify

    Storify is a high authority site. You can get a free do follow backlink from Storify within 2 minutes. Lets see

    • Open http://storify.com and create a new account.
    • Sometimes you have to follow 2, 3 categories.
    • Now go to profile section.
    • In website box, Enter your link and save.
    That’s it.

    4. Youtube

    Youtube is a video sharing site. It’s DA is and you can get a free do follow backlink from youtube by following

    • Open Youtube and login by using your Google account.
    • Now create a new channel.
    • Navigate Advance Channel Setting >> Associated Website.
    • Here add your blog link and verify.
    • Save.
    You have created a high-quality backlink from youtube.

    5. Reddit

    From Reddit, you can get no follow link. But if you have some link karma then your link will be replaced to do follow. DA of Reddit is 90, and you have to follow these steps.

    • Create a new account at Reddit.
    • Now go to any subreddit and post your link.
    • You have to increase your link karma to get dollow link from this site.
    This link is no follow but this will help you rank faster.

    6. Copyrighted

    To get a free ******** link from copyrighted follow these simple steps.

    • Visit copyrighted.com and create a new account.
    • Now Navigate “Copyright My Work”
    • Add your blog link and save.
    You can get more backlinks from copyrighted. You have to follow same points. All these links are ******** type.

    7. Deviantart

    DEVIANART has DA 92 and PR 8. To get a backlink from this site, create a new account. Then share any images with your blog link. You will get links within seconds.

    8. ALLTop

    AllTop has PR6, DA 78 and PA 82. But you need a quality blog to get five do follow backlinks from AllTop.com

    They will check every submission manually. So you have to wait for 48 hours.

    9. Newsvine

    It is news sharing website but you can share anything here. In return, you will get DA 91 ******** backlinks for free. Simply join and share a link.

    10. Imfaceplate

    In the list of free do follow backlink, IM faceplate is also listed here.It has DA 35, PR 5. These status are not so high but still you getting a do follow link from DA 35 site.

    • Create a new account.
    • Now verify you Email.
    • Write a simple 200+ words and use your main blog link.
    You have done it.

    11. Cheaper Seeker

    CheaperSeeker is coupon site and has DA 36. You have to create a new account. Then add your blog link in the bio section. You will get a DA 36 ******** backlink.

    12. Blog Adda
    • Visit BlogAdda and create an account
    • Open Account Section. And Find “Submit my Blog”.
    • Add your blog details
    • Now Submit.
    13. Splash That

    It's an event sharing site. SplashThat DA is 63 and PR 5. You have to follow these steps:

    • Create a new account.
    • Next Create a new event.
    • Add your link here.
    One more ******** backlink from DA 63 is ready.

    14. Wordpress Forum

    We all know WordPress very well. But few of us know about WordPress support forum. We can create a free backlink from WordPress.

    • Open https://wordpress.org/support/
    • Now create a new account.
    • You have to verify your mail.
    • After verified, Login to WordPress Forum.
    • Go to Profile section and add your blog link.
    • Save and dance.
    15. Dropshots

    Dropshots is an image sharing site. Its DA is 50. To get a free ******** link follow these points.

    • Sign up for a new account.
    • Now Share a new image. Dont forget to link your url here.
    • Again go to comment section of that images.
    • Now comment your blog link.

    16. Codecademy
    • Go to CodeCademy and create an account.
    • Go to profile and add your website link.
    17. Wikitechguru

    What if you get a backlink from DA 37 site? to get a link from this site you have to follow these steps:

    • Go to homepage of Wikitechguru.
    • Submit your post link and save.
    Here you don’t need to create new account.

    18. Listly

    It is a website where you can create a list of your favorite posts. Simply sign up and create a list. It has a DA 68.

    19. Inbound.org

    Inbound is fantastic marketing community. Follow these steps to get a backlink from InBound.

    • Sign up for new inbound account.
    • Add your blog link in bio section.

    20. Onemission.com

    Getting a link from onemission is very easy. You have to visit the site and choose category. Next Register for Editor Roll. Once you complete... all is done you can add your backlink to onemission.com easily.

    21. Scoop.it

    Scoop.it a social sharing and bookmarking site. To get a ******** backlink from Scoop, create a new account. Then share your blog link on Scoop. You will get high-quality backlink.

    22. Imgur

    The backlink from imgur is nofollow. But this will help for sure.

    23. Samsung
    All done.

    24. Instructables.com

    These are the 24 sites that you have to check. Also if you want to check the others that I am using:
    1. http://pastebin.com
    2. http://www.theverge.com
    3. http://en.miui.com
    4. https://www.redbubble.com
    5. http://web2014.discoveryeducation.com
    6. http://apna.csc.gov.in
    7. http://biblioteca.ucm.es
    8. http://www.cplusplus.com
    9. http://www.authorstream.com
    10. http://www.socialmediatoday.com
    11. http://triberr.com
    12. http://life.tw
    13. https://philpapers.org
    14. https://www.affiliatefix.com
    15. http://www.lookuppage.com
    Note that addint few words in the description/bio/about tab will only help.

    Of course, there are many others which you can add to your own list if you want.


    II. Scraping a little expired Tumblrs like nasty blackhaters

    Since its a guide without investment, we are not going to use ScrapeBox or any paid tools. Instead, we are going to use 2 tools found in supagrowth.com

    These are: PBN Hunter and Expired Tumblr Hunter

    I haven't used them lately because I prefer Scrapebox but they are working great and will do their magic for everyone that doesn't have any paid tools.

    The reason we aim specifically for Tumblr blogs is because we can set up a lot of them in very short time. The links in the articles are redirected but they still pass juice too and we will set 1-2 articles for each Tumblr we make. HOWEVER, we will add a nice anchor link right in the description - this link is not redirected and is ********. The best part about building a Tumblr network is the simplicity... I like to use these because all I need to do is upload a picture with a little bit of text then drop the link. No big articles needed.

    So what exactly you should do:

    Start with at least 10 and see how they go first. The harder the keyword the more you have to add.
    Now you’re going to need some sort of VPN, anything that can change your IP. Every time you sign into a Tumblr, you need to use a different IP and make sure you have a clean browser. Clear the history between logins, this minimises footprints left behind.

    Once you’re signed in, if the profile doesn’t have an avatar make sure you upload one. We want the page profile to look legit.

    Next, upload a related image with some text and a link back to your website.

    When linking to your site it’s very important to use diversity.

    Anchor text I use

    • Naked URL
    • Brand name
    • Other – “click here” “this site” etc
    • Keyword
    Mix it up a little and Google will love you. I only recommend doing 3-4 Tumblrs a day.

    Once you have created the profiles you can let them sit and wait for Google to pick them up. To speed things up you can use the Google URL submit site.

    III. Some extra link juice with expired Weebly sites

    For this purpose, we will use the same tools as we used for Tumblrs.

    You have to add 1 or 2 high PA Weebly 2.0 websites. I usually add 1 then add another 3-4 week later if I need it.

    This works just the same as my Tumblr Method, you will need to use 2 articles that are at least 400 words long. You should include your main keywords and LSI keywords in it so Google knows what it’s about.

    Once you have the article you will need to sign into the Weebly and set it up so it’s a blog. Once done, make the first blog post.

    With the first post throw in a link that links out to a related authority site like a Wiki page. Then leave it for about 4 days.

    Then log back in and upload the second article. In this article link out to your own website and sometimes I like to throw another outbound link in… Maybe to a Facebook page or something.

    With both articles, it’s a good idea to upload images with them.

    Adding a “contact” and “about” page is something you should also consider.

    IV. Final words

    Essentially what I’m doing here is building little Private Networks (PBNs) with contextual links.

    I’ve tested this over and over again and so far it’s worked very well. This speeds things up and it’s perfect for the keywords I’m trying to rank for.

    Note that there are things that you can't skip - like good on page SEO. Make sure everything with your site is good before starting the off page.

    I hope that you find this guide useful, especially if you are a beginner. Don't overthink your SEO. Keep calm and follow the Google rules and updates. I will probably update the thread next month with new links so keep an eye from time to time.
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    New York
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  3. aidenhera

    aidenhera Elite Member

    Nov 30, 2016
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    nice guide, didnt know about ms link.

    anyway as far as i know (checked recently) G+ has nofollow link. Theres one ******** yes but its only accessible in a popup and that popup is not indexable

    anyway great job!

    edit oh well nvm
  4. Postercamp

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    Mar 21, 2017
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    Nice list brotha!
    Gonna save these for next I do
  5. abhi007

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    Aug 31, 2010
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    Theatre of dreams :)
  6. roki4ka

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    Jun 20, 2016
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    Yes, are just contextual

    The expired tumblr and weebly are more important
  7. jimbobo2779

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    Sep 17, 2008
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    Software Engineer
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    Nice little guide for helping people without a budget to leverage.

    We all had to start somewhere and there will always be people looking to start out that either cannot afford much to get started or simply want to see what is possible without paying out much to start with.

  8. Samwacgamchy

    Samwacgamchy Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jan 11, 2017
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    without budget web 20s also work great. But since you say you have used these, can you give some example keyword which can be ranked using this? I mainly use web 20s myself and can rank review type keywords for amazon products or clickbank products (ones which only have 12-15 websites with review). So can you give an example? I am sure indexable and d0f00lw links will work great as diversification.
  9. shaheerkhan

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    May 31, 2015
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  10. roki4ka

    roki4ka Senior Member

    Jun 20, 2016
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    True, 10x

    Generally, I have ranked KWs with difficulty below 20 (according to kwfinder).

    Of course, you have to check manually the top 10 domains, as always.

    I can not give direct example KW which I have ranked as it will lead to a website that I am doing SEO on.

    For everything else, I am doing 10++ guest posts.

    Yes, it is slower but I sleep better.
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  11. suerte8

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    Feb 7, 2008
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    Is that really it? I don't think so. You need to put up some useful content (lots of it) so you get high PA. Otherwise, your unnatural profile links will have a PA of 1, TF, will be non-existent or not indexed. Call me skeptical but I have never seen anyone rank by just getting spammy profile links. Could I be wrong? Sure. If I am, prove it to me dog.
  12. roki4ka

    roki4ka Senior Member

    Jun 20, 2016
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    Even without the content, your PA is 40+. PMed a proof (at this moment moz is offline but once its back you can check the links and the PA/DA). The content you put depends on the web2.0 u are building. For a Tumblr, you don't really need so much content as it is media network and just a snip text with related image works. As I mentioned, for Weebly and over-blog you use 2+ articles with 400+ words+ about page. The expired web2.0 already have build link profiles and you can strengthen them with additional contextual links and then spam these links.
  13. darulez

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    Messing with Clickz
    In da Hood
    this is gold. I forget the "basics" sometimes too...

    then shoot a few scraebox links to the profiles, and they are set 4 ever. (just a FEW!!! )
  14. roki4ka

    roki4ka Senior Member

    Jun 20, 2016
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    Here are 2 more, very useful follow backlinks

    • Step 1: Open your Chrome Browser
    • Step 2: Now search and Install One Tab Extension.
    • Step 3: Now open your website in your Chrome Browser.
    • Step 4: Now click on OneTab Extension on the right Side.
    • Step 5: It will open a new page and now just click on the share as Web Page.
    • Step 1: Go here: https://apps.facebook.com/static_html_plus/?fb_source=search&ref=ts And Click On “Add Static HTML To Page.”
    • Step 2: Now, Go To Your Facebook Page And Click On Welcome Tab And Click On SetUp Tab.
    • Step 3: Now Remove All Text From Index.Html And Just Add This Code
    • <a href=”Your Website Link” rel=”********”>Your Anchor Text</a>
    • Use text and images there also
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  15. MisterF

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    You should put this in a Ebook or PDf and sell it on WF mate.
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  16. roki4ka

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    Jun 20, 2016
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    This has been said over and over for centuries :)

    Nothing new but most noobies will find it useful.
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  17. nupnow

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    Apr 13, 2017
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    in your heart
    nice share bro...
    you rock !!!
  18. keonk99

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    Great share! Thank you bro..
  19. mickyfu

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    King Of Crypto C
    Solihull Young Offenders
    You are wrong, Paul and Angela did back in 97.
  20. marios_521

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    Great guide man! Thanks!