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Please send me unedited content samples of articles written by your strategy
Please send me unedited content samples of articles written by your strategy


I also want this OP can you please send these samples to me too

Still haven't gotten it either @Deadlight

Sorry for delay, here is an excerpt from the ebook. It has zero editing, the prompts are tested and working.

What happens if a dog eats an animal?

When our canine companions act on their predatory instincts, it can certainly send shockwaves through our system. Here are some crucial pointers to consider:

Dogs' Ancestral Roots: Dogs, being descendants of wolves, have natural predatory instincts. That doesn't mean your furball will act on them, but it's something to be aware of.
Digestive Concerns: Eating small animals can pose digestive risks for dogs, including ingestion of bones, fur, or any disease the consumed animal might have had.
Behavioral Shifts: After consuming another animal, dogs might exhibit changes in behavior, such as being more withdrawn or showing signs of guilt or discomfort.
Physical Signs: Evidence like fur in the dog's mouth, blood, or other signs might indicate the unfortunate act. Keep those eyes peeled for any such unsettling signs.
Health Risks: Some small animals, like rodents, may carry diseases or parasites. If your dog has eaten one, it's a good idea to consult with a vet to address any health concerns.
Possible Regurgitation: Just like with any unfamiliar food, dogs might throw up after eating an animal, especially if it doesn’t sit well in their stomach.
Monitor Eating Habits: Post-incident, keep an eye on your dog’s eating habits. A sudden loss of appetite could indicate distress or digestive issues.
Seek Vet Attention: When in doubt, always consult your vet. They can offer guidance, run tests if necessary, and provide peace of mind.

Remember, dogs might not always understand the difference between a toy and a smaller pet. It's vital to always supervise interactions and keep smaller pets safely out of reach.
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