✅ Spoon-fed Guide ✅ The SEO Content Kit 1.0 ⚡ Get Faster Rankings Using GPT-4, Reddit, Quora, PAA & Related Searches!

Can you send me samples of the articles that are written through the steps in the guide.

Also, will it be helpful in writing product reviews?

The SEO Content Kit 1.0 ⚡ Get Faster Rankings Using GPT-4, Reddit, Quora, PAA & Related Searches!

If your AI content isn't indexing or ranking high, it most likely never will (If you don't do this)...

To be completely honest most AI content writing tools are not that great

Not because the content doesn't sound human.

It's because a lot of these AI tools don't analyze what's already ranking.

If you are actually serious about getting traffic, you need to look at the top 1-3 articles for your chosen keyword.

And break them down.

Entering a keyword into ChatGPT and crossing your fingers won't cut it.

This guide will show you how to do exactly that, in just minutes (for ANY keyword).

And how to use GPT-4 to achieve an extremely human-like result, that requires very little human editing.

Learn how to use AI the real way. Here's what you'll get in this 82-page ebook (tons of instructional images).

✅ How to create content that will rank with minimal (or zero) backlinks

✅ A very simple method to find keywords that will bring clicks in a short amount of time

✅ How to create bulletproof outlines

✅ Strong criteria for choosing your keywords

✅ Human-like GPT-4 prompt that has been tested 500+ times across dozens of niches

✅ A comprehensive guide to using Midjourney

✅ How to use PAA questions to increase article impressions

✅ How to use related searches in your content

✅ Where to place your keywords in your content

✅ 16 powerful Midjourney prompt add-ons

✅ Guidelines to make sure every article you publish is successful

What tools are required for this guide?

Chat GPT Plus - $20/month
Midjourney - Starts at $10/month
Quillbot Premium - $20/month (Not necessary but recommended)

Who is this ebook for?

✅ Complete Beginners to SEO:

If you are a beginner with no experience, this guide is for you.

✅ Intermediate SEO Marketers:
If you have experience but need a better strategy to create high-quality content, this is for you.

✅ Experienced SEO Specialists:
You've done it all. But now, you want to outsource everything to VAs.
Send a virtual assistant this guide and a list of keywords and they will produce quality results for you.

Don't take just my word :D Read the genuine reviews from users on BHW!

What's the price of the ebook?

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Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the product. There is no refund after downloading. Ebook delivery is instant after payment.


Telegram -> @deadlight997

Skype -> live:.cid.3de45d0febaa74ee
Seems like a good deals, so purchased! and just looking at the content of the ebook, I think this could be worth more than fifty bucks! :)
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