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    So this is my first post but I have been browsing through the BHW forum for some time looking and finding interesting stuff that has helped me achieve some quick cash here and there. Now I have decided its time to help others and spin my email list building idea.

    The key to email lists are getting targetted visitors on your list so when you go to promote your CPA offer or product then the users will click your offer and hopefully purchase your product or follow through with the lead. Now I was experimenting with a couple CL ideas in the past day or so that I found on the forum and figured out a quick way to build an email list.

    1) Find a product that you are going to want to promote later on. The best products are the ones that cost more but if you want to do this on a small size then any product can work.

    2) Now go onto CL and advertise a free give away of the product etc. This can be an iPod, computer, e-book, or anything really. Once you have the post wrote up make sure you have it that your email is annonymous. In my opinion I would make a new email so your default email doesn't get crowded with a bunch of crap.

    3) Now once you have posted the ad the people will come and start emailing you about what you are giving away. From there I really don't respond to any of these. I just collect the list of emails and from then if I decide to promote a new product relating to the email list I send out the information to the people that asked about receiving that type of product for free.

    This may not seem like a good method to make a huge email list but in less than 3 posts I racked up about 150-200 emails within an hour.
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