Spinner Chief - How to do you keep the original words that you don't want spun?

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    I figured out why spinner chief is going berserk, I think this thread will help TONS of people and newbies. I've messed around with the program a bit now and I can't seems to properly tweak this 1 function.

    Maybe some guru's on here can help.

    So Most of the time when your articles don't make sense, (atleast for me) is when Spinner chief spins EVERYTHING even things you didn't pick a synonm for it will randomly pick one for you. Is there a way we can keep those original content that we don't want spun?

    Any help is as always appreciated.

    I will be contributing to BHW very soon... I am a very successful ebay powerseller. So if you have questions about ebay or where to get certain things PM me.

    Thanks for reading.
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    If you look on the right tab ( in the software section) you can see the words " add protected words " or "protected words"

    ( somthing like that) simply add the keywords and stuff you don't want SC to change in a TXT file and load it through the "Browse" section ...

    and your done.

    PS, another trick to spin content 80-90% unique ( NOT VALUABLE FOR PEOPLE, but search engines like it)
    press spin now, enter the amount of articles you want it to produce and select " pick words automatically " and for the spin frequency use " 1 " .... and your done....

    Hope that helps some people.

    EDIT: I guess I miss read your post, select the last tab in at the bottom ( Multi word selection or something) and press update all, it will then bring up all the words you can change, select all the ones you want with the words you want to use, afterward go to the " SUPER REPLACE" and select " replace words with selected synonyms "

    There you have it
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    There is a "protect words" feature, under the "project settings" tab.
    If you want to protect certain 'phrases', you can do this trick.
    Replace the phrase with unique characters like xxxxx1, xxxxxx2, xxxxx3
    Make a note xxxxx1 = phrase 1 and so on.
    Once the spin done, just use find and replace feature on notepad.
    I use it when using auto spin and want to protect certain phrases for anchor text purpose.
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