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    You?ve heard of kiva dot org. Help the less fortunate by loaning someone $20 to buy a bicycle and watch it transform their entire life.

    That?s the power of capital invested in good people at a crucial time. But what about the others in need? Its obvious people are in need of help in the poorest places of earth. But what about those fortunate enough to have food to eat and a roof over their head, but still facing obstacles to grow and succeed? If their productivity increases, they can have just as much of a transformation.

    Take my own case: I?ve signed up initially for an adult aff program- since it pays weekly and direct to my non US bank account- highly convenient. One small catch: First week?s earnings must be sent through check since I live in India. Each sign-up should spend a minimum of a dollar as a test charge to his credit card to get a free membership. The minimum signups I need to get the minimum earnings for a check is 3.

    So, for quite some time now, my weekly schedule has been this: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday, I think, oh, I can?t put my strategies to work, since the commissions get wasted on that stupid check which will never get cashed. What if a whole lot of people signed up instead of the minimum 3?

    So then I think, man, why take a risk, let me E-whore the first three signups. To date that method has never given a result. Friday and Saturday I get more desperate in my attempts. Saturday midnight US Eastern time the deadline ends for the pay period. This is kind of a secret project, the parents don?t know, so I can only work at night. Night stretches to early morning. My sleep cycle is fucked as a result. Sunday, I?m all depressed and compensating the sleep.

    Plus I don?t know just how much of this is real and there?s definitely my laziness and distaste for manual ewhoring slowing the whole thing down. No alternatives either- clickbank sucks, don?t have money/ domain name so no accounts for CPA stuff and it?s difficult to get precious adsense accounts. The rest all aff programs pay net 30 or 60 and that too peanuts.

    That one check is playing with my life. If that one thing were removed, I?d start making enough for my initial money investment in IM. Who knows how much I?m losing because of the damned thing.


    I just needed to get that out of my system. I would also appreciate your advice and help in this. Doing IM in secret with a zero budget on a stupid college laptop is honestly depressing. Feels like there?s a huge cloud of deafening silence all around. Any response at all would be greatly appreciated.
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    That's quite cool. Remember hearing something about a site like this but I couldn't remember the name. Is this the only site that does this or is there a lot more?

    Might do this later!
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    Loan someone $20 to buy a bike? That sounds amazing, I didn't even know that kind of website existed. Incredible how such a disposable amount of money can turn around someone's life in a different part of the world.