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    Hi guys,

    I'm on the downward spiral of a 60 hour non-sleeping spree right now, so hopefully this will make sense.

    I'm trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible before I break camp.

    Last night, I got a bug up my ass and wrote a book.

    Like a literal book.

    Here's the deal: I will give it to anybody on BHW who will provide me with an evaluation or testimonial that includes a name, a photo, and a url to a site of yours.

    It's just something that I cranked out 3 digits of pages on last night, but I think I can get enough people to drink the kool-aid for it to be worth a few hours of my time.

    I've never released an internet marketing related product before (I began to a while ago, but then decided against it and gave alot of the stuff away here actually).

    That being said, I'm pretty confident I've got the mojo to make it work in a big way.

    Alot of it is based around what I said in some recent threads here about leveraging 1 to many social networks and creating triangles of value.

    It's not bh, and I know that alot of the people here wouldn't be interested in it, probably.

    What I am looking for from you guys is for people to ask me some very directed and specific questions about building, sustaining, and leveraging triangles of value through service to a mass market (rather than selling to a mass market).

    So here is my specific timeline on this:

    1. Get questions from you guys, and answer them in detail. Finish the edit of the book, get some testimonials from you guys if you're willing to do that (especially folks who are willing to give testimonials based on the info on this that I've already posted here), and run a marketing viability test on the product (Next 12-18 hours)
    2. Run some copy tests for 6 hours
    3. Run a mini-launch of the product for 12 hours at half price
    4. Create a multi-tiered affiliate program and run a full launch
    5. Out hype the marketing hype machine. Game amazon, clickbank, etc.

    Forget about it and let people collect their checks.

    So I would like you guys to take a look (remember I'm not trying to sell anything, and if you give me a review or testimonial, or a post on another forum, I'll give it to you free).

    I put up some place holder copy that I will definitely be changing. New headline and new testimonials. I just needed something for a place holder for a time being.

    You can see the cover art, the title, the benefits, and a bit of the story at http://www.IAmJonathan.Com . . .

    You can ask as many questions as you'd like and I will answer all of them to the best of my ability and without holding anything back at http://www.iamjonathan.com/blog

    If you'de like to do a testimonial or would like to run forum/blog/social network scrimmage for me and get a high affiliate %, pm me or email me at [email protected]

    This is kind of a time sensitive thing that I need to crank out. I can't rationalize more than a 3 day investment on a project like this, but I think I will produce some incredible results.

    For the people who give me testimonials - If you provide me with a link you will get lots of traffic, gauranteed.

    If anybody wants to do top of the food chain affiliate stuff after I go for the real launch I'll give you a huge cut.

    I know that some people are looking for some other types of specific information than this, but I also have some things that I want to do, so if you have a question, or if you can think of one that someone else might have - fire away on the blog (the blog won't be up after a week).

    As for all the other questions - I'm soooo damn busy right now. And waiting to get the thumbs up or down on a b/s/t thing.

    Right now I need as many serious questions as I can get.

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    Pm me with more details, I could help you to set things up and have a decent launch.