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how can filter results with ahref without ahref membership !?

Ahrefs does not allow access to their data without an Ahrefs subscription. We are an Ahrefs OpenApps partner, which allows users to connect their Ahrefs accounts with Spamzilla. You don't need Ahrefs to use Spamzilla, there is enough data inside Spamzilla, to find high quality domains.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can read through many FAQ's on our wiki page at we also have video tutorials on our YouTube Channel

What payment options do we offer?
We accept PayPal and will soon be adding Stripe.

What is the best way to contact us?
There is a support form you can access from the bottom right hand corner of any page inside

Is this desktop software or cloud based (online)?
SpamZilla is an online tool, you can access this service with any web browser

How do I access SpamZilla?
Simply go to and create a FREE account on the homepage. With a Free account you can see a small example of the data we have in our database. Once you purchase a subscription you will instantly have full access to the database. Also you will receive 1850 SpamZilla credits which you can use to process your own list of domains.

Do I need to purchase access to any API's such as Majestic, or Moz?
No! All of the data inside SpamZilla is provided.

What is the price?
To access the entire database of millions of domains with their SEO metrics and backlink data, it costs $37 per month. This also includes 1850 SpamZilla credits that allow you to process your own domain lists inside SpamZilla. There is also extra SpamZilla credit packs you can purchase if you need to.

Where is your company / Support team located in the world?
We are based in Australia. Please take this into consideration when logging a support ticket. We will get back to all support tickets within 24hrs.

Do you have an API our developers can connect to?
Yes, we have already built an API for partners, but we have not yet launched this to the public.

Do you really process 350,000 domains every day?
Yes! Actually its more and we're adding more and more data sources.

Do you have backlink data for your domains?
Yes! We get backlink data and you can review a domains backlinks inside SpamZilla.

Do you have a refund policy?
Due to API costs, Server and Staff costs. we can not entertain refunds. Though we provide the highest level of support and make sure all of our customers are extremely happy with the software and service.

Which domain TLD's do you support?

Which domain sources do you have?
Expired Domains, Pending Delete, GoDaddy Auctions, GoDaddy Closeouts, SnapNames Auctions, SnapNames PreRelease, NameJet Auctions, NameJet PreRelease

What payment types do you accept?
You can use either PayPal or Stripe

Are there any other tools inside SpamZilla?
Yes, we have a Bulk Domain Availability checker that allows you to check 30,000 domains at a time, this tool does not cost you any credits. There is a WayBack Machine downloader that allows you to download the old website from a domain, this also doesn't cost you any credits. There is also a tool to upload your own domains to process through SpamZilla and obtain all the same data.

Do you have a discount?
Yes there is a recurring discount for BHW members. Please reply in the thread and we will private message you the discount code.

Just bought and i'm still free and can't use your website ??? Whats the point of buying if it doenst work
Just bought and i'm still free and can't use your website ??? Whats the point of buying if it doenst work

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please log a support ticket or send me a message to sort out your account. This only happens if you don't click on the link at the end of checkout.
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