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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by fivealive, Dec 20, 2008.

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    I was reading this post:

    ...and got all excited thinking that it would be about spamming wirless hotspots. When I realised it wasn't I made a few notes in case I ever got this desperate for money.

    Anyone feel free to add to the idea or bash it, whatever, here it is:

    1. Do some wardriving around your local city, scout out all the free wireless networks (pubs, cafes, McD's etc)
    2. Visit each hotspot in turn and connect to it
    3. Run Ettercap and do an ARP poising MITM attack
    4 Also use the DNSSpoof filter and set it to redirect all DNS requests to your own page
    5. Be creative... "you need to install this toolbar to access that page"
    6. Disable ARP poisoning and move onto the next hotspot.

    This is just all theoretical, although I'd be interested to see if anyone actually tried it. What's great about the DNS spoofing is that people will just be browsing any site (facebook, their emails) and they'll be asked to install a toolbar from that domain - so there's the trust factor.

    Anyway, like I said it's theoretical and downright dirty. This is real hacking, and will get you arrested if you get caught. Most people are too retarded to even know what you're doing mind.

    There are easier ways of making money online, but I just thought I'd share this as it gave me a little bit of excitement thinking about it.

    For added slyness, you could probably run all of this from a tiny hidden device, like a Nokia N800. It has Linux and can run ettercap (I think).

    And before the noobs barage me with questions like "how do I do this method?", simple answer, you probably can't. There's probably only a few people on this forum who even know what ettercap is anyway but for those that do, just think outside of the box.

    Hacking and Marketing go together hand in hand at times.
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    Although hacking discussions are not allowed, I would like to see this post stay, there are many people who don't know this is possible, and this should be allowed to stay simply for that reason - so they can be informed and be cautious. I don't want to preach myself on anyone so I'm not going to discuss this "method", all I will say is I wouldn't do it.
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