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    Im sure this wont reach our good spamming friends anyway but, one one hand the growth of our forum is awesome and exciting, however the growth of the new user first post spam is not. If only these people would comprehend that none of our regular users will ever fall for this, and for that matter most of our newish users........especially not the kind of spam you people are throwing down.

    To me it pretty much insults our intelligence and for that matter, makes my job a bit harder. Its nothing to delete you people all day, but maybe you will read this post before trying because its just not going to work and we would all appreciate you not clogging up our forum with your silly attempts to make money.

    But im sure youll keep trying and rest assured i will be here :)
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    they will never ever stop because one thing is common between black hat world members and spammers and thats never giving up.:D