Spammers-team seeking cooperation on mail;pass mail;hash

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    Sep 5, 2012
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    Looking for people for the long term 50% / 50% on email spam lists.
    Unical technology and patency in inbox is close to 100%

    You are required - Ability to produce the desired base theme and a bit of patience!
    From us - Processing base, brute hashes, webmail spam, and get maximum profit.
    Offer the best envelope on job-search.
    Accept mail; pass mail; hash, country USA, UK, etc. - All the major email domains.

    Also consider buying mail bases (mail; pass, mail; hash).
    First test - and then agree on a price.
    Desirable from the bases of 1kk.

    We make a job-order response. Payment for the positive response, the price is negotiable.

    Our contacts:

    Skype - bigcash61