Spam concern - What template would you choose - Reviews or Ecommerce

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    I've been doing pretty great with e-commerce amazon affiliate style money site for last few years and now Google slapped me with their spam stick. Just informed that my site got penalized for pure spam right after adding my site to web directories. bummer)
    (Q. Is it possible to get penalized as pure spam if my site got backlinks from web directory sites?)

    Anyways, I started thinking about creating review sites instead of e-commerce Amazon site using WooCommerce since I can write more quality contents as reviews.

    What's your opinion? Would you develop e-commerce site using Amazon affiliate links or review sites with the affiliate links?

    If you choose to develop e-commerce site, what are the best practices to make it as high-quality site?
    (e.g if Google penalizes the site for having affiliate links, would the drop shipping be the best choice for high quality sites?)

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