Spam complaints - who takes the hit? The domain OR the ISP/ IP?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by JimmyTwoTimes, Nov 9, 2015.

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    We use Salesforce as our email provider and their email servers are whitelisted and they have an excellent deliverability rate.

    All our opt-in's are legit and our list is squeaky clean.

    We still get 'spam complaints' from about 1 in 1000 which is very standard - but I was curious, how does it work? Does our domain's reputation suffer for each spam complaint or is it the ISP or the IP Address from which the email is sent from that takes the hit?

    I'm thinking that the 'spam complaint' button on the actual email just goes back to the Email Service Provider and that's that, but if the user clicks 'spam compliant' on their ISP or Email Client like gmail, then gmail will strike a negative point on that IP address right? But the thing is that that IP address is NOT my domain's IP I think, so, my point is that sending email via an Email Service Provider in a way protects your domain?

    (The reason I ask is because I want to hit my list up more but I'm a little afraid of getting a 'bad domain' listing....)