SpaceBunny's Journey To Fiverr And UpWork Domination

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    This is my first official post on BHW (after my initial intro). I have done SO much reading since I have joined. I had a basic direction I wanted to take in my journey to work at home. That was using the power of Amazon and creating good review sites. However, I need money NOW. :) So I sat back and thought about what skills I had. Considering I am still fairly new to the game, I am limited.

    The one constant I noticed was the insatiable need for that is where my journey is going to begin. While I am not a properly trained writer, I can put a few thoughts together, put some personality and jazz to it, and wrap it up in a bow with a kiss! :) So my plan of action right now guys is to set course on creating a stunning freelancing portfolio!

    Today I have created an account on Fiverr, People Per Hour, and Upwork. I am in the process of creating a portfolio of different works and will work on making my profiles more appealing. I have a short term goal of making $1,000.00 before Christmas. My only reason is to add a little more cheer for my family and friends.

    My main goal is to hopefully build a list of clients who like my work and we know what to expect from each other. The second prong of this is to create a PLR website where I will upload about an article pack each week. Honestly, I am not too concerned about selling them as I plan to use them as freebies to build a list (yes, I have been doing my homework!) to promote my writing.

    Considering I do not want to be a slave to my computer, I do have longer term plans. I have purchased two domains today. One will be designed to feature a top ten gift list each day. For example; Top Ten Gifts For The Seafood Lover...OK might not be the best choice but it was right off the top of my head. The second site is an Amazon review site. I have picked a very general domain name as I honestly am not sure what direction the site will take.

    So puppies, that is the plan for right now. I would love to hear what I have done wrong or could do better. Keep in mind I am in the early stages of the game here. I will update this as my freelance career begins to roll down the river or sink altogether! Let's hope for the prior!

    Thanks for making me feel so welcome here so far! Hope to become a valuable member as time goes by!
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    Good luck , remember to keep it updated.