Space, Stars, Science=Future?

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    Let me take you on a little journey i will start dubbing:

    "Quests From Outside the BOX"

    Now As We Begin Our Journey.......

    just take a look back thru history. Old, Ancient, Copernicus type history shit.

    Philosophers, mathematicians, scientists would all use space and the stars to come up with theories/algorithms. And a lot of these theories turned out to be true.

    Google "new Nostradamus". Dont focus on the name but on the Algorithm this guy has come up with.

    I think more of these answers, scientific or otherwise, should be looked at the way these people did to develop these algorithms and apply them.

    What do you think stars are just there to be pretty for us?

    Get real. These old philosophers did it for a reason......

    Please discuss :D and give your opinions on the matter.

    And this discussion isnt about Nostradamus or Predicting the future, Its about looking back and seeing "why did old, (mentally advanced for their time) scholars use stars to find the answers to the questions they were asking themselves in their own studies"

    If i get enough thanks or something for this thread maybe ill start doing a Weekly Version or something....Who knows.
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