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South African Scam Surfaces Again 20 million euros

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by silent_thunder, Jul 27, 2009.

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    Mar 24, 2009
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    I was reading morning news today and was shocked to see how far these Nigerian scammers have come.Cant believe there are fools who actually fall for this time and again all over the world. Just yesterday I was reading a post by another BHW about such an story in US. This one looks like an exact replica expect this happens to be on the other side of the planet and the nigerians have moved to south africa:yield:

    PUDUCHERRY INDIA: Yet another case of black money scam has surfaced in Puducherry.
    On Wednesday, a telephone mechanic, after seeing newspaper reports of an engineer getting trapped in a scam, lodged a complaint with the police that a foreign national had promised him 20 million euros and so far collected Rs. 4.5 lakh citing various reasons.
    The victim, who prefers anonymity, informed police that Daniel, claiming to be a South African, contacted him over phone a few months ago. Daniel had told the victim that his father, who was a political figure, was killed by his rivals in South Africa.
    Daniel went on to add that his father had left behind a huge fortune and he would not be able to invest the money in his native place owing to threats. Daniel started contacting the victim through e-mail regularly, the police said.
    A few days after the telephonic conversation, Daniel expressed interest in investing in India and sought the victim?s support to get a business licence. He even told the victim that the entire amount would be deposited in the victim?s name. Daniel asked the victim to send Rs. 50,000 for transferring the amount, the police said.
    Daniel said that the euros his father had left behind would be blackened with an ink to hide detection by customs authorities. The victim was told that he could launder the entire amount using 400 euros and a special chemical. When the victim informed his inability to procure 400 euros, Daniel asked him to get at least 50 euros, the police said.
    On June 4, a person by name Gift came to Puducherry and visited the victim at his house in Lawspet. He handed over a trunk to him and told that 20 million euros had been stashed inside, the police said. He then collected Rs. 35,000, 50 euros from the victim and left for Mumbai to buy chemicals. Since then, he had been making calls to the victim asking to send Rs. 25,000 as the price of chemical had gone up, the police said.
    Senior Superintendent of Police (Law and Order) B. Srikanth told The Hindu that after seeing the newspaper report of a similar cheating case, the victim became suspicious. ?He came to my office with thetrunk. It contained paper. This could be the same group that is involved in the last cheating case,? he said.