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Sources of Investment Money

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by fabodabo, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. fabodabo

    fabodabo Newbie

    Feb 8, 2010
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    This is a list I compiled after years of reading get rick quick material and amongst the dross some good stuff is condensed an placed here for you guys. (my first proper post so hope this gets me some creds)


    These you can negotiate to repay at end of term so no payments to stress you out

    Friends -- Good if you have friends with jobs an or money bad if all your mates are unemployed or broke
    Family -- Better option as long as you havent exhausted this option already, it can be painful asking but generally gives good results
    Private Money -- This is typically someone you would meet as a friend of a friend, someone who understands money (like a accountant, broker financial advisor -- these kinds of people tend to be able to connect you with this person, if not then they would be sort of people that read the ft so run a ad there may help)

    *** note I put these ones first as they are easier in this climate than the ones I am now going to put ***

    Credit Cards -- Excellent quick cash , short form , bad points can take 2-12 weeks to get the card , an they have a habit of jacking up the rate/payments on you BTW you have to make payments each month
    Loans -- longer form filling than cards tend to be cheaper long term
    Secured Loan -- I have never used these but dont like anything that needs security as a rule try avoid these types of loans
    Mortgage / Re-mortgage -- cheapest form of borrowing but your home is at risk if you dont make the payments ....

    Other ways of raising cash

    Store Card
    Yes get one of these an buy store vouchers then sell them for cheaper on ebay

    JV Partner
    People tend to have time or money , find someone with money but no time
    offer them a return on there money to put into your venture make terms upfront so that they are clear on the risks and make sure the benefits sound better than the risks so that they agree.

    Some JV PArtners will put time an money , I prefer the silent partner route where they just put money an I run the project.

    Sell something

    Think what can you sell , ebay is good here as well as gumtree
    Benefit of this is we all haord stuff we dont need so you feel a cleaner mind after selling unwanted items.

    Offer other BH'ters service an charge a fee for it ,

    I know I think about amount of time an effort it takes me to learn some of this stuff an would gladly pay , for someone skillfull to do IM stuff for me ,
    likewise I did 10 years in hosting centres an worked on web servers an have often fixed issues on apache an hosting webservers in a hour or 2 that people have pulled there hair out for weeks on so think what are you good at that you can offer others by working this way we all expand an get to where we are going quicker.

    Hope this helps