Somewhat confusing question.

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    So I am looking to rank for keyword 1.

    Keyword 1 is 2 words.

    Keyword 1 is plural.

    Keyword 1 is the category.

    Keyword 2 is 2-3 words.

    Keyword 2 is something in the category.

    If I want to rank for Keyword 1. Would I put Keyword 1 in all my titles? Say like: Keyword 2 Keyword 1 (They fit together) on every single article? Or do I Just Do Keyword 2 for my articles? And then just have the category page rank for it? Would it hurt to add keyword 1 to my title for each article? Will this confuse google into what page should be ranking for keyword 1?

    I ask this because I do not want just a 2 word title on google. I want to have 2-4 words at least. They are informational.
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    My meta title is usually Keyword 1 | Keyword 2. You can put keyword 2 in the meta description too its your call. I use keyword 1 in h1 text and keyword 2 in h2 text or article. There are many ways of approaching it.
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