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    Here is something I want to share, so here it is. We all know the Microsoft screen capture technique (alt + prt scr sysrq) so go to a merchants page where you can promote a product (e.g. clickbank) then take a screen capture of it, BUT, before you do that make sure get your aff link and run it through a redirection service such as *********** then instead of showing the merchants URL in the screen capture pic put the tinyurl pic, then send it out with the description matching that niche to major image hositn/sharing sites, and Im sure you can get easy views this is sufficient and good for those just getting into something and don?t want to jump into SEO as of yet. I don?t see anybody doing this so thought I would like to share, I used this on youtube and I get pretty decent results, because the half of the screenshot of the website they see gives them a good description without you hurting yourself trying to and they would like to know more so they would type your tinyurl leading to your aff url read and possibly you will make a sale? This isn?t really blackhat so I placed it in the whithat section, have fun and enjoy :).