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    May 4, 2010
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    So I'm making my first attempt at doing CPA. I set up a landing page with a gateway to some free ebooks. Nothing fancy, it was just a test for future projects. I'm sending paid traffic to it and according to Google Analytics pageviews, people are visiting multiple pages on the site. However, also according to GA only 2 pages has been visited aside from my landing page and those only once each. And, according to my CPA network, I've gotten no traffic through the gateway even to the pages that were visited.

    I thought maybe I was getting traffic from countries with no offers so they weren't seeing the gateway but I just checked and all of the countries I've gotten visits from have offers available on the network.

    Any suggestions on what might be going wrong and what I can do to fix it?

    My GA stats are as follows:

    Visits: 55
    Pageviews: 115
    PPV: 2.09
    Time on site: 3:42
    Bounce Rate: 34.55%

    On the content overview page, the stats are:

    landing page: 113 page views
    page 1: 1 page view
    page 2: 1 page view

    I guess they could just be loading the landing page over and over but in one country my average time on site is 10+ minutes so I can't imagine they're just staring at the landing page that whole time...

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I've tested the landing page and the gateway is working but the stats I see just don't make sense to me.

    Unless...if people click on the download link and the gateway opens, if they hit the back button that would probably count as one page view right? And if they didn't complete the gateway offer the download page wouldn't fully load so GA wouldn't be counting it.

    Hm...could that be the issue? People are clicking, seeing the gateway and then backing out so I'm getting multiple page views but no pass-throughs?

    I think I may have just answered my own question but I would appreciate any other feedback.