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    Hello all. I'm new to the SEO world as my post will explain, and I am in need of advice. I set up a blog at I modified various articles found on the web and included them in my blog. Netbooks are quite popular so I decidedly found an article reviewing them, and put an add under each reviewed comp. specifically for the comp. reviewed. Put adsense adds to the right of the article. I did the same with a make money at home article and another about how to make money without losing it, both with adsense. These are all on the same blog entitled Advice For Life. I've used my myspace account to link people to my blog. There isn't much traffic at all. 36 impressions in about a month. My blog website is h**p://w^

    Thank you for any advice, links to advice relating to the specific problems I need to work on and everything else.