Something I don't understand about promoting aff. products in blogs...

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by ButcherPete, Apr 2, 2012.

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    So I wrote a high quality article (all by myself, so it's completely original) of about 700 words. Near the end, I directed the readers to my Clickbank link for a related product that they would want to buy after reading my article. It's online and getting some good clicks (but no sales yet; I'll just have to experiment until I get some sales)

    But what do I do with the blog now? Google tends to value blogs that are regularly updated, right? But making another post would push my article with the affiliate link to the bottom of the page. Do I just put my affiliate link in EVERY post? Like "as I mentioned in the previous post, [clickbank product] is still a great product to buy!" I don't think it's a good idea to never update the blog again, just so that the affiliate link stays on the front page.

    Or do I just make more blog posts and hope that the readers will find their way to the first post with the link in it?

    I've also looked into "sticky post" plugins for Wordpress, so the article with the link stays on the front page, but I can still update it with new content to attract more visitors and get priority in Google results.

    How do you guys deal with this issue? Thanks!
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    Well, now you have 2 URLs to promote, your main site URL and your post url. When you write another article you will have 3 URLs to promote. Run backlinks to all of them. The more content you have the more you will become and authority site in your niche.

    What I do sometimes, is I take my best URLs and list them on the side bar labeled, most viewed, most shared or top articles something to that affect. That way your home page is passing link juice to those URLs.

    You have to remember that most people will not arrive at your site by way of your home page. They will arrive through various long tail key words, the more content you have the more chances of long tail Key word hits.

    Also, you can change your writing style up a bit to presell the product more. If the landing page to where you are directing readers is good, then you wont have to presell as much, if the landing page kinda sux, then you should put more effort into the presell.

    As far as AFF links go, you can insert the link into different anchor texts a picture whatever, you can put it in multiple places for people to click.

    You can use a plugin called "post layout" to insert any code, links or what not above or below all your content. Sometime Ill insert my best URLs at the bottom of content above the YARPP plugin.

    Thats my opinion. Anyway hope that helps.
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    You can create static home page, then ad blog for other articles, sticky post will also work.
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    Why don't you experiment with banner ads that appear on your page regardless of what post people are viewing? If your site is based around a niche and your affiliate product is solving a problem in that niche then the banner will be clicked but a certain % of your visitors! Obviously this doesn't ensure sales but it's a good way to test what works. I found having the banner above the fold to work best. People have short attention spans and like things to click. If they get bored and don't want to read the post to the bottom where your link is you at least may get them to click your banner instead. Give it a go!

    Also, it's important to check the product you're promoting is actually selling and is good quality. Check out the sales page and the affiliate section to see what's available to help you promote.
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