Someone said that 301's do not work unless the old keyword matches the site? is this TRU?

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    This is what he wrote

    We actually did a test on this a bit more than a year ago...

    We pointed 20 PR3+ domains with a 301 redirect at a money site. It didn't budge for a single money keyword. Our experience is that each site has juice and power for certain keywords, and if you redirect that strength for keyword ranking helps the target site. But, it doesn't help non-keywords.

    That said, a PR domain would be a great foundation to start a new site on assuming the domain is legit.

    Man, I hope this makes sense. [​IMG]

    So does this prove that 301 do not work for boosting ranking in an unrelated site?

    Because I have an expired domain with 1k backlinks and im wondering what i can use it for now?
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    This is not true at all! I've done 1k+ redirects (for clients and for myself). As long as the domain is selected properly and redirect is done right, it should work fine.
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    I had recently done a 301. Im not selling a 301 service so no bias in my answer.

    301 was done about a week ago. Old site was in gaming niche while new site was also in gaming but different keywords.

    New site had zero backlinks, just the 301.



    Still no rankings for new keywords.

    But the site has taken the rankings of the 301ed site for its keywords, even though none of the content on my new site is relevant to the keywords on the 301ed site.

    I personally think it would be best to wait until you have some backlinks to your new site with the anchor text you'd like to rank for. This would let Google know what you're trying to rank for and the link juice would be dedicated to pushing you up for those keywords. Again, that's what I think and is not proven as fact as I'm not an SEO "guru".
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