Someone is able to travel the time and is google which demonstrates it!

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    Well. That's not a proof, but its something very arguable.
    As you know, google saves evry single search being made on their search engine.
    So, you (may be able to) check yourself, or by reading some articles talking about important case studies of universities which has access or something similar to google database, that in 2012 theres been searches on google about "Papa Francesco" (So before he actually Bergoglio chase his own name) or searches about comet ISON.

    So, how someone would have done such searches? There could be only three possible answers: those few searches has been made by peoples with strict infos and that already knows whats gonna happen cause its all a conspiracy, or someone see the feature, or someone travel the time.

    Myself I like to think someone has actually travelled time, but most likely its just someone at the vertice of the pyramid.

    what you think guys?
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    Interesting but Papa Francesco means like Dad Francesco in Spanish or Italian. So basically it can be a character of a series or just the dad of someone who is in the media at that time for a crime or anything you can think about.