Somebody toss this domain into ahrefs link explorer for me and let me know your thoughts

Travis Wood

Feb 25, 2020
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I am writing a guest blog article for techtodayinfo dot com and when checking their DR oh ahrefs I see they went from zero links to almost 30,000 in just over 6 months?!?! Their Moz spam score is also zero. How the heck did they accomplish that and do you think they'll give me a lot of link juice from a guest blog?

Thanks for the reply. Can you elaborate? How did they sprout up so quickly and why would the links disappear? Obviously they are charging me some coin for the guest post so is it a scam?
Had a quick look at the site. It seems to be just a guest post blog, not a proper site if you know what I mean. I would probably stay away from it, but its up to you :)
I wouldn't trust Moz spam score.


Their anchors are all about proxies and torrents.

Thanks for the info guys, probably not worth it then huh? On top of that I wrote some actual quality content that I think would be better just posted onto my domain rather than wasted on this site despite their high backlink profile
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