Somebody shed some light please..... hosting/website related

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    May 17, 2012
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    I have a vps which was ran by vestacp as my control panel... added my website, and uploaded html/css whatsoever files to make it running, however while making changes and updating the files uploading new revisions of it and checking it on my browser to see the changes it was fcked up, it was like combining the old version and the new version of the files. I waited like a day just to make sure it was not some caching related that takes time but still nothing happens.

    I deleted my the whole website on my control panel and after few hours! guess what happens "IT'S STILL FCKING RUNNING!!!!!" I can still access it through my virtual machines browsers, vps, mobile, tablet, few more browsers!!!! It's like an immortal website LOL...

    Can somebody help me please????