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Some useful/nifty sites

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by wakkaoaka, May 10, 2009.

  1. wakkaoaka

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    Sep 14, 2008
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    Found this site whilst playing around with twitter a few days ago:
    If you are really involved in what is happening on twitter this site can help you predict the next trend. I was able to predict the downfall of the twitter meme: #inever and was able to predict the #iloveitwhen meme 30 mins before it comes up.

    Found this site a week before i found twitscoop:
    It explains what each twitter trend means, and when and how long they occurred for.

    My friend stu told me about this site:
    It's an electronic dance music site:

    Simply put, Mugasha allows electronic dance music fans to listen to DJ sets like they were albums.

    Users are able to view tracklists, skip tracks, and jump to specific songs. They have the ability to quickly skim through sets or instantly play any song contained at any point in any DJ set. Mugasha features sets from the worlds biggest DJs (including Armin van Buuren, Tiƫsto, and Above and Beyond) and provides a social platform for fans to interact, discuss, and discover brand new music.

    Now you may be thinking "why should i care about mugasha?"

    Not because of the free music (unless you are a trance fan like me), but because of the idea behind mugasha. They arent running any ads as far as i can see, but i notice there was a google adscript loading for every page i went to. So, you could start a site exactly like mugasha, but instead go for different music styles.

    Build a following like mugasha is doing now, and then put ads in (like facebook, youtube, twitter etc).

    Oh and a sidenote. Those people who are spamming twitter trends with untargetted products + 1 faith site are annoying lol... what are your conversions like? :p