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    One of my friends here asked what motivates me so I thought that here are probably quite a few people who struggle with motivation every now and again.

    So I decided to share few tricks and tips about motivation.

    And If you have any other tips , please feel free to share them here with us all.

    First off , I really do dislike some of these "motivational" or "take action" type of threads. So I have become what I hate :D lol , how ironic.

    There really is no magic button for motivation, since it normally involves many different factors for different people. But hopefully some of this might help you:

    No one can motivate you.They can encourage,threaten,inspire or force you. But they can not motivate you. Motivation is something you have to muster up yourself.

    Desire is key to motivation. Motivation really is a "desire in action". I think of motivation as this "force" that moves me towards my goals.

    Self motivation can be a hard task. You see , we tend to give ourselves some stupid excuses for not taking action. We postpone the actions by saying to ourselves that we can do it later. Surely you know that this "later" very often turns in to "never". Or we think that the task is so easy that you can do it whenever you want. Just not now. For whatever reasons we do not take action. And I am sure there are many other excuses you will gve yourself.
    But when you break it down: The reason why your motivation will fail is because your "desire" was not strong enough. Therefore it is important that we identify what we really want. Once the goal is clearly identified, visualize the rewards it will bring. Focus on the positive feelings it will create. Think how it will feel like. What will it smell and touch like. Think of the personal satisfaction it will bring and then harness this and take action.
    As I said before, I do not believe that there is magic formula for motivation. It is as simple as this: The more powerful desire you can create within yourself the more likely you will take action.

    I also think of motivation as of a "fire". You can light it and start it, but unless you fuel it constantly it will fade very soon. So that means in essence that you should revisit your goals very often. Write them down and keep reminding yourself of them. Read about your heros and of their success.

    Here are some other things that help me when I am extremely demotivated. Luckily it doesn't happen very often, since I am naturally very committed and motivated person:

    When I feel like I really dont want to do anything , I just say to myself : Ok, take few hours or a day off. Do whatever you want to do , but then tomorrow I will give myself full to it. Sometimes that is what you need. A day off. I normally have a at least one day off from work anyway. A day when I am absent from my computer or any work related activities.

    Here is a very helpful exercise to do that helps me a lot. You can do it now if you want. Sit down:

    Close your eyes and imagine you are an old man/woman just few years before the end of your life. You never took action to create the changes in your life you want. How do you feel? What does it inspire you to do now?

    Now keep that in mind and do the same thing but this time

    Close your eyes and imagine you are an old man/woman just few years before the end of your life. But in this future you took action every single day in order to create the changes you want in your life. How is this future different? How does it feel? What does this feeling inspire you to do now even more?

    Do this whenever you feel like you lack motivation, it works like a charm for me ;)

    Hope that helps some of you and my parting thought is that : Motivation is not measured by what you say or feel, but by what you do .
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