Some things you can do to your blog to relish it more on Google.


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Oct 26, 2013
1. Use one category article - however you want, do not put a post in more than one category, because otherwise you risk the article be considered duplicate content by search engines. Using one category also makes navigating the user.
2. Nofollow labels ( tags ) - Again, there is a risk any of the publications to be considered as duplicate content, and also you can be punished for reoptimize or keyword stuffing. It is therefore mandatory labels you have a nofollow attribute.
3. Disable indexing search engine - most easily done by adding a few lines in your file robots.txt . When looking at your site , most of the search engines create nonexistent pages for which you can be penalized by Google.

Good luck!
I noticed on my new blog that was indexed before the main article... so I'm a little bit worry...
Did you just copy the "pretty looking" sentences from 10 different SEO articles, and stick them together? This is not helpful at all.
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