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    Feb 29, 2008
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    i'm a new one on this forum and want to ask you guys some questions.

    there are many posts with nice ideas like reposting popular videos on youtube with added watermarks etc., but there are no numbers behind these methods. i mean, do they really work? i'm conducting a little experiment to check how much traffic i can generate with some python scripting, but this takes some time due to my slow inet connection. can anyone post some statistics in form:

    method - how much traffic it can generate (only real, not speculated data).

    also i was wondering if i generate traffic of let's say 1k hits per day, how much money i can make out of it? how about 1k per week or 1k per month?

    i'm a novice in this matter, but the topic seems very interesting and i would like to know opinion of experienced members of this forum.