Some small success - But how do I scale it?

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    Didn't had much of luck selling any product from Amazon these two months but after reading a thread in here somewhere about using highly targeted Facebook pages to post your products I decided to give it a try and after a day I sold 8 items mainly xxxxxx stuff.

    So what I can see is that adults is willing to spend more money on their kids as from buying something for themselves. Even though my site is mainly related to xxxxxx I decided to go another route and create 3 small (50 - 100 words) posts about xxxxxxx and post some comments on related Facebook pages so people can click on my link and automatically take them to my website.

    So how can I scale this because I am afraid Facebook can ban my account if someone decide to report me. I don't want to use automated tools (not for now)

    And is it wise to incorporate xxxxxxxx with a site that is mainly about xxxxxxxx?
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    I suggest you to not write your niche :)
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    First please delete your method earning cash .

    You can easly make more cash doing the same in diffrent group post with the same niche.

    You can also ask huge accounts in the niche to put a advert on there page but your have to ask with a cash insentive.

    Facebook defiantly the way foward can even use there advert plan.

    You can goto bling and get a coupon and then use there paying advert service.

    You can use redit put up a free advert in a convo in your niche , redit also have there click campain which is very cheap in clicks

    Good luck.

    Finally can use bots like follerliker and massplanner for socail .
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