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    hi all, i joined a few days ago and have spent a lot of time here finding some excellent rescources, hints tips and tutorials.
    i have started a microniche site already but just require some clarifications..

    I have several uniquely written articles already up (i wrote them myself) and the domain is less than a week old.
    As i understand since this is a new domain i should not go spamming it to death but should build links slowly over a period of time.

    what would you suggest is the best amount of back links to post per day/week?

    Do the backlinks still matter if they are nofollow?
    do all backlinks need to be on a related post/site regarding my niche? or will they be just as valuable from a non related site?

    once i have amassed a few links do i need to make links to my links? and would it be wise to use a low pr site for these back links to my back links or should i be aiming for hig PR sites for these?
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    Just start bulding a few satalite pages. Like articles or web2.0 pages that link to your site and spam those..

    This way you only build afew links to your main site but you make them more powerfull..

    Lot of info about it here. Search for "doorway pages" or "parasites"
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