Some questions about expired domain for 301 redirect

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    Hi friends,

    I have some questions about 301 redirect, any kind friend could explain for me : )

    I want to purchase an expired domain (DA and PA - 25+, CF and TF - 20+) to 301 redirect it to my money page, than build links to this expired domain for ranking my target keywords.

    My questions are following:

    1) Is all the expired domain for sale online have its own content page (such as a blog site or any content else) before it for sale, or just a nude domain without any content page? (I'm sorry I have not purchased any expired domain before)

    2) If the expired domain which I purchase has its own content, should I transfer the contents to my hosting than 301 it to my money page? Or just a nude domain parking in my hosting than 301 it to my money page?

    3) Should I purchase the expired domain which has many many more brand and url anchor text links? (More brand and url links more better?)

    4) When is the best time to 301 the expired domain to my money page? Once I purchase it and park in my hosting just 301 to my money page? Or after it rank top than 301 it to my money page?

    Any kindly friends could explain these questions for me : )

    Big Big Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!